Cynical 7 Demo Goes Live 10/20/2017

Finally got the latest typo free version with a few fixes and I’m super stoked for the release! I know Cynical 7 isn’t the flashiest game even by pixel art standards, but I believe the story and the approach mesh together so well, that it feels perfectly acceptable and appropriate to take a minimalist approach. When I played Undertale and saw how unique and charming it was, it was then that at least in my eyes, I’d decided that what was most important in a game like mine is its charm and ability to tell a story. So I set out to create a game that was within my limits, that I could personally build from the ground up and have control over, and Cynical 7 is the result.

I’m very much clinging to reality, I have no aspirations or expectation of even selling 50,000 copies, but if I can break even, and share the awesomeness of Cynical 7 with a few people that appreciate my labor of love, well, that’ll be more than enough for me 😀

Okay! Gotta finish some last minute stuff!
It’s been a long frustrating, exhausting road!