Cynical 7 at the Portland Retro Game Expo!

Yesterday was a long, huge, day for Cynical 7!

For the first time I got to see my labor of love played by random gamers who had no affiliation with me, therefore, no need to go out of there way to spare me harsh critiques.

I’m proud to say that ALL the ground work seems to be there to make this game a success.

Some found it a bit wordy, and I did end up having to use debug mode so they could get through dialogue faster (thank god that option existed) but it was a HUGE learning experience, and as someone who has never written a script before now,  people were impressed and I learned what I needed to know to  take it to the next level.

The combat was  HUGE hit, everyone loved it. A handful of people couldn’t beat the boss in the tutorial and walked away in graceful defeat.

Biggest highlights for me?

  • the 9 year old kid that came back to play twice
  • everyone that played the full hour+ demo through until the end
  • people I got the speak with about games and encourage them about taking a stab at their own ideas

I don’t think I’ve been so amped about working on this game since it’s conception, it was truly amazing to share a space with fellow indie devs treading the same path as me. Until now, since I’ve been working on my own and taking full artistic and design direction of the game my brain is often exhausted and running on E.

I think I’ll start writing out the rest of the script for the game this week to give myself and Idea of how much stuff I still need to make for the game. I did things the opposite way last time and ended with a lot of extra stuff and short on the things I needed basically bottle necking myself.

In any case, I hope you’ve enjoyed the demo if you’ve gotten around to it. I plan on making the next version a bit more light on dialogue and also allow the user to scrub through it!

Until then!