Cynical 7 Demo Update 10/23! Read about the fantastic changes!

Now with the convention behind me, I’ve wasted no time putting what I’ve learned from all the people that’s played the game into practice! Here’s a list of the changes so far:

Change made in the last version:

  • read dialogue at your own pace
  • autosave feature
  • bug fix: lavender house leading to tutorial fight will be fixed
  • bug fix: pressing T and then triggering a dialogue locks the TIP phone in place until it’s done
  • removing dialogue of jokes that fell flat and served no purpose ultimately making  dialogues drag
  • tutorial will be a lot more basic
  • ted tantrums will have an additional portrait for after his defeat
  • miscellaneous typos and fixes

There are still more changes to come over the next couple of days, but I wanted to at least get a build out with the new dialogue and allow players who want to play it over or who haven’t played yet to be able to do so with the ability to read text at their own pace! There’s a small glitch at the end during the last part of the game, that’ll be fixed in the next build hopefully with the remaining changes that are left!

The build is live now! 😀