Cynical 7 Demo Version Update Notes

The convention yesterday was a ton of fun and I’m alright putting that feedback and my observations into action! Here is what will be coming in the next and likely final version of the demo! (okay, maybe second to last version.)

  • read dialogue at your own pace
  • autosave feature
  • bug fix: lavender house leading to tutorial fight will be fixed
  • bug fix: pressing T and then triggering a dialogue locks the TIP phone in place until it’s done
  • removing dialogue of jokes that fell flat and served no purpose ultimately making  dialogues drag
  • tutorial will be a lot more basic
  • ted tantrums will have an additional portrait for after his defeat
  • enemies will have giant objects dropped on them at the end of combat
  • the items in tris’s room will be given sassy dialogues
  • money will rain when Tris is given 1000 dollars by Ryne
  • miscellaneous typos and fixes

I hope you guys are super stoked about these changes and a smoother experience!