Cynical 7 Kickstarter November 1st?

To be honest, until a few days I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to do this so soon. To be honest, I’m only trying to make the minimum amount to get the game out there door. But the demo is out in the world now, and I have everything I need to finish the game with the exception of the coding. That means I’m incredibly confident in efficient release and because I’m against spoiling the game any further, the only possible variable is waiting additional months for word about the game to spread, but in my experience, that’s kind of like being struck by lightning. Going viral or blowing up can be very luck based, if I hold out and don’t end up getting any press I risk becoming lost in the endless sea of indies, therefore I believe it’s imperative I strike while the iron is hot!

So the Kickstarter is November first, the goal will be pretty modest for a game of this scope, I need to do a little more budgeting tonight to get the final number, but since I’m leading all of the writing, art, and gameplay design I’m more than confidentĀ  in my ability to finish Cynical 7 and turn it into the classic I know it has the potential to be. All of the goal amount will go towards the coding, I’m willing to wait until Cynical 7 is released to hopefully have my work pay off.

Hope to see you there!