Cynical 7 Kickstarter Day 1 Complete!

Hello everyone! Day 1 is over, arguably the most important day of a Kickstarter, and I can say the pledges have already exceeded my expectations and you have no idea how good it feels to pursue indie for so long and be able to have people say, “Not only do I think your vision is worth paying for, I think it’s worth paying for in advance.” This is really all I’ve been seeking in pursuit of my dreams.

Since we managed to break $1000 in pledges yesterday Tris got an armor upgrade!:

For the next few days I’ll be streaming some of my favorite and new retro games so tune in!

I spoke to Jarnik, and if we manage to break the goal early there will be a small tease of future content! I also plan to show some of the extra things I have stashed away as we continue to hit milestones!

Did you know the very first version of the game originally looked like this and was envisioned to only have side to side movement outside of buildings? How far we’ve come!

Thanks for all your support so far! We’re off to a great start but not quite there yet!

Let’s keep the momentum going and please feel free to follow the game on social media and share the cause!

We can do it!