A New Year! A New Journey!

Hey folks! It’s been some time hasn’t it? About a month and 9 days actually since the campaign ended! I have been really busy with…. well, not being busy 😀

For the past 4 years I’ve pursued my indie dreams and dabbled in different attempts to follow my dreams big or small, so far, while unsuccessful in the big picture, this past year was definitely the closest I’ve gotten to my goal and gives me hope for the future!

I’m really apprehensive and to be honest a bit scared of whether or not continuing to work on Cynical 7 (DON’T GIVE UP) will actually pay off, but I’m ready to hunker down and chase my dream again! I’m slowly getting back to a point where I want to incorporate some daily work on the game so expect some new stuff soon! I’m still alive and excited to continue the journey!

Happy New Year!