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About TPC

Taco Pizza Cat is currently a 1 man studio based in Portland, OR consisting of me, Tristan Barona! In my spare time I am currently learning how to code and catching up on lots of 3DS titles after staving off an addiction to League of Legends.

My flagship title Cynical 7 has been in development for 2 years (including conception) and just released it’s first official demo recently! I’m lucky to have been able work with Jarnik who’s been doing the code.

I’ve been making small games for about 4 years now and this will be my first “full scale” release. I thought long and hard about the kind of game I wanted to make and what I could bring to the culture and a lot of development time was spent, well, not making anything. I wanted to make a game that could combine the realities of independent game development with an awesome narrative, and also felt like having a strong minority protagonist who deals with real issues that isn’t the “typical” hero was really important for this game. I hope when you get a chance to check it you’ll feel like it was totally worth the wait!