Cynical 7 Trailer Progress Final Day

After much grappling with After Effects (and it subsequently jumbling around my layers after saving) all the timings and elements are in place. The last step is to tack on some footage from the game at the end, by far the easiest of all the tasks. The most difficult part of this I think was nailing comedic timings and knowing when to cut elements that were too try hard and going back to improve others, affecting the entire flow of the trailer, but it was worth it, and 3 and 1/2 days to put together 2 1/2 minutes of footage, will hopefully pay off!


Cynical 7 Trailer Progress Day 2!

So far I’ve managed to push the trailer of the minute mark. It’s probably 2/3’s done, I think for a first trailer,  2 minutes is pushing the attention span of the average gamer and since it’s a demo, less is more, make it charming and showcase some good scenes, and let the others do the rest. I’m convinced building a fan base is going to come down to finding those die hard fans and connecting with journalists and pro let’s players that already have an affinity for a game like Cynical 7. I should hopefully be done tomorrow tops, but I’m going to get at in some more tonight!


Cynical 7 Trailer Progress!

I got a few good hours in this weekend and managed to clip some footage appropriately for the trailer! Tomorrow should be the final day of putting it together! Although, with me back on a regular streaming schedule, juggling code, and the girlfriend, I think the exchange rate of days in my universe doesn’t work the same as everyone else 😀 In any case, it’s going to be a very humorous, attention grabbing trailer that tries to focus on the charm of the game, the premise I’ve conceded is really just too hard to package- which is going to make nailing a pitch line reeeeeeally hard- but that’s a battle for another day!


Time to make the Cynical 7 trailer!

It’s Saturday, and as usual, my days are stacked with an endless assortment of tasks! Yesterday I storyboarded my  plans for the trailer and today I put them into execution! I hope it comes out half as exciting as I perceived. This is the final stretch, this trailer is my bread and butter for hooking in the onlookers and giving Cynical 7 the shot it needs to thrive! Welp, I better get to it!

Over 2 years in the Making, the Demo is a Day Away

An absolutely almost unreal feeling to final be crossing the line on this.

I know many devs have worked on projects for much longer and with much more ambitious a scope- but to single handedly drive a project for years, and decide not to cut any corners and have the patience not to put it in anyone’s hands until you were completely satisfied with it took A LOT of motivation and was full of setback and head banging.

The final few tasks are on Trello and one more day of work will do it!

I have gotten to know this demo VERY comfortably if you could imagine, as I’m the only one that’s been testing, and even now each time we add new features, it’s a joy to play through it, new laughs are generated with each contribution of personality within the world, and if charming sassy retro RPG’s are up your alley you really REALLY won’t want to miss this!

I’ll be showing the game most likely at the Portland Convention Center in a few weeks and It’ll be a great time to put together feedback and see what final changes might need to be made before a public release so you’ll have to wait just a bit longer!

Until next time!


First Cynical 7 Demo is 2-3 Weeks Out!

It’s been a while since the last update, and I assure you the majority of my days are spent making this demo a polished example of what the expect in the final game! I’ve just about finished all of the art going into it so I now have more time to dedicate towards community efforts.

It’s been tough holding back releasing all the new stuff I’ve been working on but through past experience trying to fully dedicate myself to creating a polished game while trying to maintain daily community efforts splits me short in both directions.

However, I’m committed to now, with the bulk behind me keeping up a steady split of working on future portions of the game as well as keeping everyone in the loop! I’m still not quite there but I at least have the slack to make some better efforts!

Until then, here is a screen shot ! 😀


Cynical 7’s Official Announcement!

I have clearly clearly been off the radar as of late! As proven in the past, personally for me, it’s extremely hard to juggle focusing on the game and meticulously maintaining an effective social media presence. It was early enough on that I could put promotion on hold to polish up some of the remaining tasks like animations and assets. AND NOW I’M FINALLY DONE! IT’S TIME TO OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE CYNICAL 7! (And hopefully find a coder in some crack of the internet interesting in working on it with me!)

Here’s a 1st look at a mock screenshot for the game!


Oh and, I’ve actually already started planning future posts and now that I’m done with all the art stuff for now I can dedicate my free time towards connecting with the community and discovering other awesome indie projects! Yay!


4/9/2017 Update! Streams, stream, streams!

Hey guys! So, as usual it’s been fairly difficult for me to continue having a life, working on my game, and keeping my social media and blog up to date! However, the good news is, I have been pretty transparent on my social media and I have been doing almost daily weekday streams of in-game animations! I’m going to compile the weekly progress that I made every Sunday in a flashy GIF post so stay tuned for that! I’m not quite sure how many more animations the demo requires minimum and I prefer not to count as that might set the flames of procrastination, so let’s just continue to enjoy the journey!


Script Writing Update

Script writing is currently underway and critical to figuring out what remaining assets and animations I need for the upcoming demo! If I just made animations I think I needed, the chances are I’d probably end up with a lot of time invested in things that weren’t relevant to the core game and needed to be worked into the final product, which of course means, working in more assets to support it. But blah blah blah, that’s all boring, the expectancy of the demo script completion is probably sometime next week. From there are start livestreams and start finishing up any lose ends in terms of artwork!

Super hopeful to have this demo be out at some point in April!