Cynical 7


Cynical 7 is the story of a sarcastic, anti-social game developer named Tris who’s out of money and drifting through life with no real goals. After a strange day of events he finds the turmoil within him gradually coming to a head in the midst of the chaos around him.





Tristan – 27

An anti-social game developer who suffers from chronic depression almost as much as he suffers from chronic sarcasm. He likes video games,  cute girls, and…… video games?





Beck – 25

A quirky girl with no shortage of enthusiastic optimism. Tristan and Jess met during the Jokemon Go phase of 2016. Tris asked her out for pizza and she said no, and they’ve been friends since. She enjoys thrifting, nerd jargon, and an assortment of crafts.




Billie – 28

Billie moved to Threeson only a few days before the events of Cynical 7 under seemingly rushed circumstancies. Billie is a reserved individual who doesn’t talk much about her history, short of looking for a fresh start. She’s cautious, blunt, and wants to see the good in people, but it’s clear a huge chunk of emptiness lies within her.



A mini metropolitan city where many people move to the get away from the turmoil of a large city but still have access to all the major venues of entertainment. It’s got something for people of any age, from an arcade equipped with a snackbar, to a strip joint with a VIP, to its very own mob.