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Fact Sheet

Developer:  Taco Pizza Cat Games, Portland, OR

Release:  TBA 2018

Platforms:  PC, MacOS, Linux


Price:  $9.99 USD

Availability:  Digital Download

Languages:  English

Rating:  Teen


Social Media: Twitter  Tumblr  Facebook  YouTube



Cynical 7 is the story of Tris, a cynical and anti-social failing game developer living in the town of Threeson who has no direction in his life, this game is all about the misadventures that land him in a dangerous competition to compete for the title of “King of Threeson City”! Well, you know how you’ve always wanted to play a game about the life of a nerd on the verge of a mid life crisis trying to find some meaning in the world but instead only ends up finding an exorbitant amounts of charming ridiculousness? Okay, you probably didn’t- but by now you should at least be considering it .

You’ll spend a lot of the game exploring and there will be areas with no other purpose than to make the experience more immersive, you’ll talk with nerds, sarcastic upstarts, and even tango with some “made men” of Threeson’s very own mob! And while you’ll generally opt for the passive route, some of the town’s residents only understand the language of the smackdown, which all goes down in a fresh real time battle system!



Cynical 7 allows you to:

  • Flirt excessively
  • Combat the mental anguish of mid life and impeding male pattern baldness
  • Try to pick up pizza without getting into a fight (spoiler there will be fights)
  • Face the fears of public anxiety at social gatherings
  • Have self deprecating monologues with your own brain at inconvenient junctions
  • Visit overhyped international coffee chains
  • Put jerks in their place via a fast paced real time battle system
  • Ruin Friendships
  • Make new friendships in place of your ruined friendships
  • and then ruin THOSE friendships 😀



After a 3 year stint in QA, I found it really hard to progress through the corporate gaming world as a jack of trades. I eventually decided to take a stab in the indie world and spent the first 2 years creating some pretty unimpressive stuff. Now a bit more seasons, I’m plunging all in on Cynical 7 and believe it will be an incredible classic and fresh experience. For now, as a 1 man studio my focus is creating great stories in charming retro package that will make people smile and laugh allowed as they play my titles!